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XML Refactoring


The XML Refactoring script (xmlRefactoring.sh, found in the scripts subfolder inside Oxygen's installation directory) can be used to execute XML refactoring operations. You can run a refactoring operation by specifying the operation id of the operation. If, in addition to the refactoring operations provided by Oxygen XML Editor in the OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR/refactoring folder and in framework configurations, you want to run a custom refactoring operation, you have to specify the directory that contains it, using the od (operations directory) argument.

Arguments for the XML Refactoring Script

sh scripts/xmlRefactoring.sh  -id operationId -i inputFilesOrDirectories [-f filesFilter] 
[-od operationsDirectory] [-p param1=value1...] [-v]
-id operationId
The ID of the refactoring operation to be executed.
-i inputFilesOrDirectories
A list of space-separated input files or directories that the refactoring operation is applied to.
-f filesFilter
Specifies a filter for the input files by using a file pattern. For example, to restrict the operation to only analyze build files, you could use build*.xml for the file pattern.
-od operationsDirectory

A directory that contains additional refactoring operations.

-p param1=value1...
A list of space-separated pairs of a parameter's name and value used by the refactoring operation.
This argument can be specified to activate verbose logging.