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The Transform script (transform.sh, found in the scripts subfolder inside Oxygen's installation directory) helps you to execute a transformation scenario. You can run the scenarios for the existing document types (frameworks) without setting a scenarios file, but for others, you have to specify a specialized scenarios file or a project file that contains scenarios.

You can export transformation scenarios from Oxygen XML Editor into a specialized scenarios file by using the Export selected scenarios action from the Transformation Scenarios view or using the Export Global Transformation Scenarios action from the Options menu.

Arguments for the Transform Script

sh scripts/transform.sh -i inputFile -sn scenarioName [-s scenariosFile] [-v]
-i inputFile
The input file that the transformation scenario is applied to.
-sn scenarioName
The name of the transformation scenario to be executed.
-s scenariosFile

The name of a file that contains additional scenarios. It can be a specialized scenarios file or a project file that contains project transformation scenarios.

The scenarios from this file are merged with the scenarios from the document types (frameworks).

This argument can be specified to activate verbose logging for DITA-OT and ANT scenarios. It is useful for debugging.
Tip: For a GitHub use case sample of this script, see Oxygen Transformation Template.