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Batch Converter

Attention: This script is bundled with the all platforms distribution of Oxygen XML Editor. To run the script, you are required to purchase a special scripting commercial license.
The Batch Converter script (batchConverter.sh, found in the scripts subfolder inside Oxygen's installation directory) helps you to convert between the following formats:
  • HTML to DITA
  • HTML to DocBook4 / DocBook5
  • Markdown to XHTML
  • Markdown to DITA
  • Markdown to DocBook4 / DocBook5
  • Word to XHTML
  • Word to DITA
  • Word to DocBook4 / DocBook5
  • Excel to DITA
  • Confluence to DITA
  • DocBook to DITA
  • OpenAPI to DITA
  • JSON to XML
  • JSON to YAML
  • XML to JSON
  • YAML to JSON

This script requires the Oxygen Batch Documents Converter add-on to be installed in the all platforms distribution of an Enterprise edition of Oxygen XML Editor.

To install the add-on, follow these instructions:
  1. Go on the Oxygen Batch Documents Converter plugin Releases page and download the latest oxygen-batch-converter-{version}-plugin.jar package.
  2. Unzip it inside {oxygenInstallDir}/plugins.
    Note: Do not create any intermediate folders. Afterwards, the file system should look like this: {oxygenInstallDir}/plugins/oxygen-batch-converter-{version}/plugin.xml

Arguments for the Batch Converter Script

sh scripts/batchConverter.sh -i inputFiles -if inputFormat -o outputDirectory 
-of outputFormat [-ss (true|false)] [-csd (true|false)] [-cs converterSettingsFile]
-i inputFiles
A list of space-separated input files or directories in file syntax form.
-if inputFormat
The format of the input files. The possible values are: html, markdown, word, confluence, docbook, excel, openapi, json, yaml, or xml.
-o outputDirectory
The output directory in file syntax form.
-of outputFormat
The format of the output files. The possible values are: xhtml, dita, docbook4, docbook5, json, yaml, or xml.
-ss (true|false) [only for Word to DITA, HTML to DITA, Markdown to DITA, DocBook to DITA, and OpenAPI to DITA conversions]
Splits sections marked by titles or headings to separate files and create a DITA map. The possible values are true or false (default).
-csd (true|false) [only for Markdown to DITA conversions]
Creates short description elements from the first paragraph before the headings. Possible values are true or false (default).
-cs converterSettingsFile
A file that contains the Batch Documents Converter add-on preferences settings. It can be an xpr file that contains project options or an xml file that contains global options. If not specified, the operation uses the application's default settings.

Confluence to DITA

The Confluence to DITA conversion processes the HTML content generated by the Confluence export process. For exporting, login to your Confluence account and navigate to the specific space that you want to export. Go to Space Settings > Export space and choose to export it as HTML. The index.html file resulting from this process has to be provided in the inputFiles argument.