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Format and Indent Files

Attention: This script is bundled with the all platforms distribution of Oxygen XML Editor. To run the script, you are required to purchase a special scripting commercial license.

The Format and Indent Files script (batchFormatAndIndent.bat/batchFormatAndIndent.sh, found in the scripts subfolder inside Oxygen's installation directory) can be used to format and indent multiple files at once.

Arguments for the Format and Indent Files Script

batchFormatAndIndent -i inputFilesAndDirs [-f filesFilter] [-s formattingSettingsFile] [-r] [-ih] [-v]
-i inputFilesAndDirs
The input files and directories.
-f filesFilter
A filter for the input files, specified by using a file pattern (e.g. *.xml, t_*.dita).
-s formattingSettingsFile
A file that contains formatting settings. It can be an .xpr file that contains project options or an .xml file that contains global options. If not specified, the operation uses the application's default settings.
Use this argument if the operation should be performed recursively for the specified input directories.
Use this argument if you want the operation to also format and indent hidden files.
Activates verbose logging. It is useful for debugging purposes.