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Annotations Preferences

Certain types of schemas (XML Schema, DTDs, Relax NG) can include annotations that document the various elements and attributes that they define. Oxygen XML Editor can display these annotations when offering content completion suggestions. To configure the Annotations preferences, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Content Completion > Annotations.

The following options are available:
Show annotations in Content Completion Assistant
If selected, Oxygen XML Editor displays the schema annotations of an element, attribute, or attribute value currently selected in the Content Completion Assistant proposals list.
Show annotations in tooltip
If selected, Oxygen XML Editor displays the annotation of elements and attributes as a tooltip when you hover over them with the cursor in the editing area or in the Elements view. If not selected, tooltips are disabled in all modes.
Show annotation in HTML format, if possible
This option allows you to view the annotations associated with an element or attribute in HTML format. It is available when editing XML documents that have associated an XML Schema or Relax NG schema. If this option is not selected, the annotations are converted and displayed as plain text.
Prefer DTD comments that start with "doc:" as annotations

To address the lack of dedicated annotation support in DTD documents, Oxygen XML Editor recommends prefixing with the doc: particle all comments intended to be shown to the developer who writes an XML validated against a DTD schema.

If this option is selected, Oxygen XML Editor uses the following mechanism to collect annotations:
  • If at least one doc: comment is found in the entire DTD, only comments of this type are displayed as annotations.
  • If no doc: comment is found in the entire DTD, all comments are considered annotations and displayed as such.

If not selected, all comments, regardless of their type, are considered annotations and displayed as such.

Use all Relax NG annotations as documentation
If selected, any element outside the Relax NG namespace, that is http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/1.0, is considered annotation and is displayed in the annotation window next to the Content Completion Assistant window and in the Model view. When this option is not selected, only elements from the Relax NG annotations namespace, that is http://relaxng.org/ns/compatibility/annotations/1.0 are considered annotations.