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Installing License Servers

If you are using floating licenses or a large number of user-based licenses (20 or more) for Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer, you must set up an Oxygen License Server.

The HTTP License Server is available in several distributions, tailored for covering various deployment configurations:
  • Windows installer - Easy-to-use Windows installation wizard. Requires elevated permissions to run it.
  • All-platform distribution - Script-based deployment that does not require elevated permissions to run it. Provides scripts for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Web Archive (WAR) distribution - Provides more flexibility in your deployment configuration, but it requires an existing HTTP server (such as Apache Tomcat).

HTTP License Server System Requirements

Table 1. Minimum Requirements
Hardware Specification
CPU 1 core
RAM 512 MB/Linux OS, 1 GB/Windows OS (256 MB available memory)
Hard Disk Space 500 MB
Network Requirements Network interfaces stay unchanged (static MAC addresses) after activation
Server OS Requirements Linux or Windows
Antivirus and Firewall Requirements Allow access to the configured TCP port (default 8080)
Note: Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer version 17 or higher requires a license server version 17 or higher. License servers version 20.1 or higher can be used with any version of a floating or named-user license key.
Restriction: The floating license server does not work with Docker containers.

Manual License Activation Procedure

If you cannot access the License Server administration page from a browser that has internet access (therefore, the license cannot be activated automatically during the installation), you can manually activate the license by following these steps:
  1. Access the HTTP license server management page in a web browser.
  2. Copy the machine signature code.
    Note: The machine signature is displayed on the page as long as the license key was never activated. If you are trying to update/replace an already activated license key, the machine signature can be found by clicking on Remove/Replace License, then Replace on the next page.
  3. Go to the activation page at: http://www.oxygenxml.com/activation/.
  4. Enter or paste the machine signature code and the license key, then click Activate.

    Step Result: The activated license key is displayed on-screen.

  5. Copy the activated license key and paste it in the license registration page of the HTTP server.

Preconfiguring License Server Details When Installing Oxygen XML Editor

It is possible to install Oxygen XML Editor with the license server details preconfigured. For more information, see:

Backup License Server Information

If you want to use a backup license server, the setup instructions are the same as the procedures for a main license server, but it requires its own separate license key. Contact the Oxygen support team to find out more details about the backup license pricing and availability.