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Built-in Frameworks (Document Types)

Oxygen XML Editor includes a variety of specialized editors, views, and features that are dynamic according to the type of document that you open or create. Oxygen XML Editor includes fully supported built-in frameworks for the most popular XML document types (e.g. DITA, DocBook, TEI, XHTML, JATS), as well as other document types (e.g. JSON, YAML, OpenAPI, Markdown, HTML, CSS), each with a specialized set of editing features for the particular document type.

The built-in frameworks are defined according to a set of rules and a variety of settings that improve editing capabilities for its particular file type. These settings include:
  • A default grammar used for validation and content completion in both Author mode and Text mode.
  • CSS stylesheets for rendering XML documents in Author mode.
  • User actions invoked from toolbars or menus in Author mode.
  • Built-in transformation scenarios used for publishing XML documents.
  • XML Catalogs used for mapping resources.
  • New document templates to make it easy to create XML documents.
  • User-defined extensions for customizing the interaction with the content author in Author mode.

It is also possible to create and configure your own custom frameworks (document types). For more information, see the Creating and Configuring Custom Frameworks section.

For extensive details about the DITA editing features included in Oxygen XML Editor, see the DITA Authoring chapter.