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AutoCorrect Misspelled Words

Oxygen XML Editor includes an AutoCorrect feature to automatically correct misspelled words, as well as to insert certain symbols or other text, as you type in Author mode. Oxygen XML Editor includes a default list of commonly misspelled words and symbols, but you can modify the list to suit your needs. You can also choose to have the AutoCorrect feature use suggestions from the main spell checker. The suggestions will only be used if the misspelled words are not found in the Replacements Table.

When enabled, the AutoCorrect feature can be used to do the following:
  • Automatically correct misspelled words while you edit in Author mode. The actual operation of replacing a word is triggered by a space, dash, or certain punctuation characters (, . ; : ? ! ' " ) ] }).
  • Easily insert symbols. For example, if you want to insert a ® character, you would type (R).
  • Quickly insert text fragments.
  • Quickly insert XML fragments. For example, if you enter a hyphen (-) in an empty paragraph followed by a space, it will automatically be converted to a list with a list item.

AutoCorrect is enabled by default. To configure this feature, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Edit Modes > Author > AutoCorrect.

AutoCorrect Drop-down Actions

After the automatic operation of replacing a misspelled word (triggered by a space, dash, or certain punctuation characters), the affected string is highlighted. The highlight is removed upon the next editing action (text insertion or deletion). If you hover over the highlight, a small widget appears below the word. If you hover over the widget, it expands and you can click it to present a drop-down list that includes the following actions:
Figure 1. AutoCorrect Drop-down Actions

AutoCorrect Case-Sensitivity

The AutoCorrect feature results in the following types of substitutions regarding case-sensitivity:
  • Words with all lower-case characters will be replaced with lower-case substitutions (for example, "abotu" is replaced with "about").
  • Words with irregular-case characters will be replaced with lower-case substitutions ("ABotU" is replaced with "about").
  • Words with all upper-case characters will be replaced with upper-case substitutions ("ABOTU" is replaced with "ABOUT").
  • Words starting with an upper-case character will be replaced with substitutions having the same pattern ("Abotu" is replaced with "About").
Note: The AutoCorrect feature also uses the list of ignored elements from the Spell Check preferences page. All elements (along with their descendant elements) included in this list will be ignored by the AutoCorrect engine.