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Customizing WebHelp Responsive Output

Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive plugin provides support for customizing the WebHelp Responsive output to suit your specific needs. The WebHelp Responsive output is based upon the Bootstrap responsive front-end framework and is available for DITA document types.

To change the overall appearance of your WebHelp Responsive output, you can use several different customization methods or a combination of methods. If you are familiar with CSS and coding, you can style your WebHelp output through your own custom stylesheets. You can also customize your output by modifying existing templates, create your own layout pages, or by configuring certain options and parameters in the transformation scenario.

This section includes topics that explain various ways to customize your WebHelp Responsive system output, such as how to configure the tiles on the main page, add logos in the title area, integrate with social media, localizing the interface, and much more.

For an in-depth look at WebHelp Responsive features and some customization tips, watch our Webinar: DITA Publishing and Feedback with Oxygen Tools.