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MS Azure Active Directory Authentication

It is possible to use your MS Azure Active Directory credentials for SharePoint authentication. To configure the application to use your client ID and client secret, set the following Oxygen system properties:
  • com.oxygenxml.azure.active.directory.client.id - Specifies a custom client ID.
  • com.oxygenxml.azure.active.directory.client.secret - Specifies a custom client secret.

Your application should allow the following API permissions:

Table 1. API Permissions - Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
Name Type Description Admin consent
email Delegated View users' email address No
Files.ReadWrite.All Delegated Have full access to all files user can access No
offline_access Delegated Maintain access to data you have given it access to No
openid Delegated Sign users in No
profile Delegated View users' basic profile No
Sites.ReadWrite.All Delegated Edit or delete items in all site collections No
User.Read Delegated Sign in and read user profile No
Table 2. API Permissions - SharePoint
Name Type Description Admin consent
AllSites.Read Delegated Read items in all site collections No
AllSites.Write Delegated Read and write items in all site collections No
Notice: The Redirect URI should be set to: http://localhost/oauth/redirect