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Data Source Explorer View

The Data Source Explorer view displays your database connections. If the view is not displayed, it can be opened by selecting it from the Window > Show View menu.

You can connect to a database simply by expanding the connection node (click the connection). The database structure can be expanded to resource level, or even all the way to column level for tables inside relational databases. Oxygen XML Editor supports multiple simultaneous database connections and the connection tree in the Data Source Explorer view provides an easy method for browsing them.

Figure 1. Data Source Explorer View

The objects (nodes) that are displayed in the Data Source Explorer view depend on the connection type and structure of the database. Various contextual menu actions are available for each hierarchical level and for some connections you can add or move resources in a container by simply dragging them from the Project view, a file browsing application, or another database.

Toolbar Actions

The following actions are available in the toolbar of this view:
Opens the Data Sources / Table Filters preferences page, allowing you to decide which table types are displayed in the Data Source Explorer view.
Configure Database Sources
Opens the Data Sources preferences page where you can configure both data sources and connections.

Database-Specific Contextual Menu Actions

Each specific type of database will also include its own specific contextual menu actions in the Data Source Explorer view. The actions depend on the type of database, the type of node, or the hierarchical level of the node where the contextual menu is invoked.

For more information on the specific actions that are available, see the topics in this section for each specific type of database.