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Open/Find Resource Preferences Page

You can configure various options that pertain to the Open/Find Resource dialog box and Open/Find Resource view. To access these options, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Open/Find Resource.

The following options are available in this Open/Find Resource preferences page:
Refresh index when opening a map in DITA Maps Manager
If selected, DITA maps that are opened in the DITA Maps Manager will automatically be re-indexed.
Limit search results to
Specifies the maximum number of results that are displayed in the Open/Find Resource dialog box/view.
Enable searching in content
This option is selected by default and it allows you to use the Open/Find Resource dialog box/view to search in content or reviews, as well as in file paths. If this option is not selected, you can only use the Open/Find Resource feature to search in file paths.
Content search scope section
Ignore content of these files
Allows you to select specific directories, files, or file types that are ignored when you perform a search. For example, *.txt ignores all the .txt files, */topics/* ignores all the files from the topics directory, regardless of their depth, and file:/C:/tmp/* ignores everything from the tmp directory.
Include the contents of these binary files
Results from a search in the Open/Find Resource dialog box/view will be returned as a PDF if the PDF contains the searched text. If you want to disable this feature, delete the contents of the text field.
Index the content of remote resources
Controls the indexing of resources that are not local. For example, the resources referenced in a DITA map opened from a remote server (from a CMS or from a WebDAV location) are not indexed by default. To index the content of these resources, select this option.
Note: Selecting this option may lead to delays when the indexing is computed.
Content search options section
Content language
Use this option to specify a language for the search engine to use for the current document. This is helpful if you have multiple languages within the content of a document. The search engine will use a set of stop words and analyzers tuned specifically for that specific language. By default, it is mapped to the UI language specified in the Global preferences page. Therefore, you need to change this option only if the language of the text you want to perform the search in differs from the UI language.
Tip: If you select <Generic language (no stemming)> from the drop-down list, no word stemming is performed when creating the index. This might be useful if your content has many technical terms that should be indexed as they are.
Stop words
A list of stop words that will be filtered out of the search processing. The list is automatically populated based upon the specified Content language, but you can add or remove words from the list.
When searching in content, return
This option specifies how matches are returned when doing searches in content. You can choose between two options:
  • Exact matches - The search results match the exact whole words that you enter in the search field of the Open/Find Resource dialog box/view.
  • Prefix matches (default) - The search results match documents that contain words starting with the search terms. For instance, searching for "pref page" will also find documents containing "preference page".
Automatically join search terms using:
Allows you to select the default boolean operator that Oxygen XML Editor applies when you perform a search. For example, if the AND operator is selected and you search for "car assembly", the matches must contain both of the words. If you choose OR, the matches must contain one of the selected search terms and results that contain both words are promoted to the top of the list.
Enable XML-aware searching
When selected, you can perform XML-specific searches for XML elements and attributes.
Note: Selecting this option may slow down the indexing of your documents and increase the index size on the disk.
Index files with size less than (KB)
Since indexing can be slowed down when the Enable XML-aware searching option is active, you can use this option to set a maximum file size to be indexed.
Stop Words
A list of comma-separated stop words, meaning that the words added in this list are filtered out prior to processing a search query.