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Image Preview

Images and SVG files can be previewed in a separate pane. The supported image types are GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, BMP.

There are several ways to open an image in the Image Preview pane:
  • In the Project view, double-click the image name.
  • In the Project view, right-click an image and select Preview.
  • In the DITA Maps Manager view, double-click the key definition of the image.
  • In the DITA Maps Manager view, right-click the key definition of the image and select Open.
  • In Text mode, Ctrl + Mouse Click or Ctrl + Enter with the cursor located within the image file path.
Once the image is displayed in the Image Preview pane, you have access to some contextual menu actions by right-clicking anywhere in the Image Preview pane. You can scale the image to its original size (by selecting the 1:1 action) or scale it down to fit in the pane (by selecting the Scale to fit action). Other actions include Open in System Application, Print preview, and Print.

If the image is an SVG file, the Image Preview pane also includes the following other contextual menu actions: Zoom in, Zoom out, Rotate, and Refresh.

While the Image Preview view is visible, selecting an image in the Project view or DITA Reusable Components view will automatically display the resource in the view.

Tip: You can drag an image from the Image Preview view and drop it in a DITA, DocBook, or TEI document.