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Exporting XML Content to Excel

For use-cases where you have XML content that needs to be exported to Excel (or any other spreadsheet application) but the content is not already in some sort of table format, Grid mode offers you a way to display the content of an XML document as a structured grid of nested tables and you can work with the cells in those tables much like you would with any spreadsheet application. This makes it possible to export content to Excel by copying cells that contain the specific content and then pasting the copied cells in Excel the same as you would when working with any table or spreadsheet.

To export XML content from Grid mode to Excel or other spreadsheet applications, follow this procedure:
  1. Open the XML document in Oxygen XML Editor and switch to Grid mode.
  2. Expand the nodes to gain access to the particular nested table that contains the content you want to export.
  3. Copy the cells that contain the content you want to export (Copy from the contextual menu or Ctrl+C).
  4. Switch to your spreadsheet application and paste the copied cells.
  5. You may need to make some manual adjustments depending on the complexity of the structure in the original XML document.

Note that Oxygen XML Editor also supports the reverse scenario (copying cells from a spreadsheet application and pasting them in Grid mode). For more information, see Import from MS Excel Files – Grid Mode Method.

For more information about exchanging data between Oxygen XML Editor and spreadsheet applications, watch our video demonstration: