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DITA 2.0 Support

Starting with version 23, Oxygen XML Editor includes support for some DITA 2.0 features. To enable this support, go to the Options > Preferences > DITA page and select the Enable DITA 2.0 Editing Support (Experimental) checkbox. Enabling it results in DITA 2.0 topic and map templates being available in the New document wizard.

The following table is a list of DITA 2.0 features and their implementation status in Oxygen XML Editor. The list of proposed DITA 2.0 changes is published here: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/65626/DITA-2.0-proposals.pdf.
Table 1. DITA 2.0 Features Implementation Status
Feature Editing Publishing [DITA Open Toolkit 3.7.0 is used]
DITA 2.0 DTD, and Relax NG-based maps/topics/tasks/references, etc.

New DITA 2.0 document templates.

Also supported by the publishing engine.
Other new DITA 2.0 elements (include, etc.)

Validation and Content Completion.

Special rendering in PDF and XHTML-based outputs: https://www.dita-ot.org/dev/reference/dita-v2-0-support.html.
Profiling attributes defined using the new @specializations attribute. Profiling attributes defined using the new @specializations attribute are recognized by the application. Also supported by the publishing engine.