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DITA Specialization Support

DITA is designed to let you design new markup and new document types that allow any general-purpose DITA processor to process documents that use the new markup. This in turn enables blind interchange of DITA documents from any source. In particular, in the context of a map, you can combine topics of any type and get usable results from any general-purpose DITA processor. Specialization is the one truly unique and distinguishing aspect of DITA. Even if you have no use for any aspect of DITA modularity or reuse, you still have a use for specialization simply because it enables reliable interchange in a way that no other XML application does.

For detailed information and step-by-step tutorials about DITA specializations, see DITA 4 Practitioners: DITA Configuration and Specialization Tutorials.

In addition, the topics in this section contain information about using DITA specializations in Oxygen XML Editor.