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Working with Projects in DITA

Oxygen XML Editor provides the ability to organize your DITA resources in projects, the same as with other XML-related files. This helps you manage and organize your files and projects allow you to perform batch operations (such as validation and transformation) over multiple files or to use Main Files support to rename or move DITA resources while updating the references to them. You can also share your project settings and transformation/validation scenarios with other users.

To learn how to create a new project from a template and how add resources and manage it, see Creating a New Project.

To help you get more familiar with how to use projects in DITA, there are two DITA-specific sample project templates available when using the New Project action (available, for example, from the Project menu):
  • DITA Project With Editing Customizations - This sample DITA project imposes custom general settings and an editing behavior using a DITA framework extension. More details can be found in the project's Readme.html file.
  • Sample DITA Project - This sample DITA project is a best practice example that shows how DITA content can be organized to provide a scalable and flexible project structure. More details can be found in the project's Readme.html file.


For more information about working with DITA projects, see our webinar: Working with DITA in Oxygen - Quick Start with the DITA Startup Project.