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Schematron Quick Fixes (SQF)

Oxygen XML Editor provides support for Schematron Quick Fixes (SQF). They help you resolve issues that appear in XML documents that are validated against Schematron schemas by offering you solution proposals. The Schematron Quick Fixes are an extension of the Schematron language and they allow you to define fixes for Schematron validation messages. Specifically, they are associated with assert or report messages.

A typical use case is using Schematron Quick Fixes to assist content authors with common editing tasks. For example, you can use Schematron rules to automatically report certain validation warnings (or errors) when performing regular editing tasks, such as inserting specific elements or changing IDs to match specific naming conventions. For more details and examples, see the following blog post: https://blog.oxygenxml.com/topics/SchematronBCs.html.

Displaying the Schematron Quick Fix Proposals

The defined Schematron Quick Fixes are displayed on validation errors in Text mode and Author mode.

Figure 1. Example of a Schematron Quick Fix