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Feedback Tab (DITA-OT Transformations)

When you create a new transformation scenario or edit an existing one, a configuration dialog box is displayed that allows you to customize the transformation with various options in several tabs.

The Feedback tab is for those who want to provide a way for users to offer feedback and ask questions in the published output and it is available for the DITA Map WebHelp Responsive transformation type. To add a comments component in the output, you need to use Oxygen Feedback to create a site configuration for the website where your WebHelp output is published and use this Feedback tab to instruct the transformation to install the comments component at the bottom of each WebHelp page.

When you create a site configuration in the Oxygen Feedback administration interface, an HTML fragment is generated during the final step of the creation process. You need to click the Edit button at the bottom-right of this tab to open a dialog box where you will paste the generated HTML fragment. The HTML fragment can also be set in an Oxygen Publishing Template, either as an HTML fragment extension point or as a transformation parameter (the webhelp.fragment.feedback parameter). If the fragment is specified in multiple places, the order of precedence (from highest to lowest) is:
  • The fragment specified directly in the Feedback tab.
  • The fragment specified in a publishing template as an HTML fragment extension point.
  • The fragment specified in a publishing template as a transformation parameter.