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Welcome to the User Manual of Oxygen XML Developer 24.0.

Oxygen XML Developer is a cross-platform application designed to accommodate all of your XML editing, authoring, developing, and publishing needs. It is the best XML editor available for document development using structured mark-up languages such as XML, XSD, Relax NG, XSL, DTD.

It offers developers a powerful Integrated Development Environment and the intuitive Graphical User Interface of Oxygen XML Developer is easy to use and provides robust functionality for content editing, project management, and validation of structured mark-up sources. Coupled with XSLT and FOP transformation technologies, Oxygen XML Developer offers support for generating output to multiple target formats, including: PDF, PS, TXT, HTML, JavaHelp, WebHelp, and XML.

This user guide is focused on describing features, functionality, the application interface, and to help you quickly get started. It also includes a vast amount of advanced technical information and instructional topics that are designed to teach you how to use Oxygen XML Developer to accomplish your tasks. It is assumed that you are familiar with the use of your operating system and the concepts related to XML technologies and structured mark-up.