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What is the Oxygen Publishing Engine?

The Oxygen Publishing Engine is a cost-effective bundle that offers automation support for transforming DITA content into WebHelp, PDF, EPUB, and plain HTML output from your integration scripts. It bundles the DITA Open Toolkit with integrated Oxygen publishing plugins, including the responsive Oxygen WebHelp and the CSS-based PDF Chemistry engine.

Oxygen Publishing Engine License

If you have purchased a license for the Oxygen Publishing Engine, you will be able to produce both PDF and WebHelp output without any restrictions.

To install your Oxygen Publishing Engine license key, save the license key text in a file with the name licensekey.txt and place it in the DITA-OT-DIR folder.

Tip: For more information about the Oxygen Publishing Engine and how to transform your DITA content into PDF and WebHelp output, watch our Webinar: Introducing the Oxygen Publishing Engine for DITA.

Oxygen Styles Basket

The Oxygen Styles Basket is a handy free-to-use web-based visual tool that helps you to fine-tune the CSS file that is used to customize your PDF or WebHelp output. You simply pick and mix aspects from galleries to add and adjust the rules in your custom CSS file.

It is based on galleries that you can use to pick and mix styling aspects to create a custom look and feel. Various different types of aspects can be selected to be integrated in the CSS stylesheet (such as fonts, tables, lists, spacing, code). It is also possible to re-upload a previously generated CSS for further customization.

You can see the results of your changes in the Preview pane or you can click the See Results toolbar button to see the results in a generated preview version of either PDF or WebHelp output. When you are finished with your customization, you can Download the results as a CSS file or a Publishing Template Package that you can use in your transformation process.

Figure 1. Oxygen Styles Basket Interface

To see a visual demonstration of the Oxygen Styles Basket, watch our video: