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Notes contain an additional piece of information that calls attention to particular content. They may have various types (tip, caution, danger, restriction, important, warning).

For information on how to add and manage mixed content before the note icons and labels, see How to Control the Image Size in Complex Static Content.

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How to Change Note Icons

The recommended icon format is SVG.

To change the default icons for notes that do not have a @type attribute, add the following rule to your customization CSS:

div.note > span.note__title{
    background-image:url("../img/note.svg") !important;
For a note with a @type attribute set to warning, caution, or trouble, add the following corresponding CSS rule:
div.warning > span.note__title{
    background-image:url("../img/warning.svg") !important;
div.caution > span.note__title{
    background-image:url("../img/caution.svg") !important;
div.trouble > span.note__title{
    background-image:url("../img/troubleshooting.svg") !important;