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This processor supports MathML equations.

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How to Change the Font of MathML Equations

Suppose that you need to change the font of MathML equations from the documentation, and also add some padding. The MathML fragments are wrapped in elements that have the class equation-d/equation-block or equation-d/equation-inline, so you can match them with:

*[class ~="equation-d/equation-block"],
*[class ~="equation-d/equation-inline"]{
	font-family:"courier new";
Note: An equation can be rendered using multiple classes of fonts (e.g. the serif, sans serif, monospace, fraktur, and doublestruck classes. Depending on each of the equation symbols, a class is selected for it. The font specified in the CSS rule (as in the preceding example), applies only to the serif class. However, if a symbol codepoint is not covered by the currently selected class fonts, it falls back to the font specified in the CSS.
Attention: Some of the fonts may not be supported. In that case, a default serif font is used.