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XQuery Transformer Plugin Extension

This type of plugin allows you to add an external XQuery transformer plugin.

The name of the plugin is XQueryTransformer and it makes it easier to contribute your own implementation of the XQuery Processor. After the plugin is installed, you can create a new XQuery transformation scenario and select your external XQuery engine from Transformer drop-down menu in the XQuery tab.

To create an XQuery integration project, follow these steps:

  • Copy the oxygen.jar file from [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/lib to the lib folder of your project.
  • Copy the jars of your transformer to the lib folder of your project.
  • Implement the ro.sync.exml.plugin.transform.XQueryTransformerPluginExtension interface.
  • In the plugin descriptor file, define the <extension> element that points to the implementation of your classes:
    <extension type="XQueryTransformer" class="my.xquery.plugin.extension"/>