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How to Share a Class Loader Between a Framework and Plugin

In some cases you may need to extend the functionality of Oxygen XML Editor both through a framework and through a plugin. Normally, a framework and a plugin both run in their own private classloader. If the framework and the plugin use the same JAVA extensions/classes, it is recommended that they share the same classloader. This way, the common classes are loaded by only one Class Loader and they will both use the same static objects and have the ability to cast objects between one another.

To do this, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Document Type Association, select the document type, go to the Classpath tab, and in the Use parent classloader from plugin with ID fields introduce the ID of the plugin. This ID is declared in the configuration file of the plugin.

Important: The shared classes must be specified only in the configuration files of the plugin, and not in the configuration file and the document type class path at the same time.