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XML Refactoring Operations Plugin Extension

This type of plugin allows you to specify one or more directories where the XML Refactoring operation resources are loaded.

The RefactoringOperationsProvider extension can be used to specify the location where custom XML Refactoring operation resources (XQuery Update script or XSLT stylesheet and Operation Descriptor files) are stored. Oxygen XML Editor will scan the specified locations to load the custom operations when the XML Refactoring tool is opened, and allows you to share your custom refactoring operations.

Example: XML Refactoring Operations Plugin Extension
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plugin PUBLIC "-//Oxygen Plugin" "../plugin.dtd">

 name="Refactoring operations plugin"
 description="Contains operation descriptors and related scripts"
 <extension type="RefactoringOperationsProvider">
  <folder path="customDir/"/>
  <folder path="customDir2"/>