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Open Redirect Plugin Extension

This type of plugin is useful for opening multiple files with only one open action.

For example, when a zip archive or an ODF file or an OOXML file is open in the Archive Browser view a plugin of this type can decide to open a file also from the archive in an XML editor panel. This file can be the document.xml main file from an OOXML file archive or a specific XML file from a zip archive.

The plugin must implement the interface OpenRedirectExtension. It only has one callback: redirect(URL) that receives the URL of the file opened by the Oxygen XML Editor user. If the plugin decides to open also other files it must return an array of information objects (OpenRedirectInformation[]) that correspond to these files. Such an information object must contain the URL that is opened in a new editor panel and the content type (for example, text/xml). The content type is used for determining the type of editor panel. A null content type allows auto-detection of the file type.