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FO Processor Tab (XSLT Transformations)

When you create a new transformation scenario or edit an existing one, a configuration dialog box is displayed that allows you to customize the transformation with various options in several tabs.

The FO Processor tab contains the following options:
Perform FO Processing
Specifies whether or not an FO processor is applied (either the built-in Apache FOP engine or an external engine defined in Preferences) during the transformation.
Choose between the following options to specify which input file to use:
  • XSLT result as input - The FO processor is applied to the result of the XSLT transformation that is defined in the XSLT tab.
  • XML URL as input - The FO processor is applied to the input XML file.
The output format of the FO processing. The available options depend on the selected processor type.
Specifies the FO processor to be used for the transformation. It can be the built-in Apache FOP processor or an external processor.