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DITA References View Add-on

Oxygen XML Editor offers an add-on that contributes a DITA References side view that shows all outgoing and incoming references for the current DITA topic. Once the add-on is installed, the view is available in both Text and Author modes.

To open the view, select DITA References in the Window > Show View menu. If this is your first time opening the view, Oxygen XML Editor presents a dialog box asking if you want to install the add-on. Once installed, you need to restart Oxygen XML Editor and the DITA References view becomes available.

Outgoing References

The types of outgoing references that are presented in this view include:
  • Image references (referenced with an @href or @keyref attribute)
  • References to other media resources (DITA objects pointing to video, audio, or embeddable frames)
  • Cross references (referenced in an <xref> element with an @href or @keyref attribute)
  • Key references (referenced with a @keyref attribute)
  • Content references (referenced with a @conref or @conkeyref attribute)
  • Related links (referenced with an @href or @keyref attribute)
  • Related links defined in relationship tables

This side-view is synchronized with the main editor to make it easy to locate a reference in the current document. It also includes contextual menu actions for opening the target of an outgoing reference or showing its definition location. You can also double-click a reference to open its target.

Incoming References

The Incoming references tab shows all references to the current opened DITA topic.
  • The references are presented by taking both the Main Files support and the current context map configured in the DITA Maps Manager view into account.
  • Double-clicking or pressing Enter on a reference opens the target where the reference was made.
  • If a referenced topic is expanded, references to that topic are displayed as well.
  • While editing a document, if changes appear that might influence how the references were computed, the Refresh button can be used to re-compute the references graph and show an updated list of incoming references.

For more information, see the details for the DITA Outgoing References View add-on in GitHub.