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Spell Check Dictionaries Preferences

To set the Dictionaries preferences, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Spell Check > Dictionaries. This page allows you to configure the dictionaries (.dic files) and term lists (.tdi files) that Oxygen XML Editor uses and to choose where to save new learned words.

The following options are valid when Oxygen XML Editor uses the Hunspell spell checking engine:
Dictionaries and term lists default folder
Displays the default location where the dictionaries and term lists that Oxygen XML Editor uses are stored.
Include dictionaries and term list from
Selecting this option allows you to specify a location where you have stored dictionaries and term lists that you want to include, along with the default ones.
Important: Consider the following notes regarding this option:
  • The spell checker takes into account dictionaries and term lists collected both from the default and custom locations and multiple dictionaries and term lists from the same language are merged (for example, en_UK.dic from the default location is merged with en_US.dic from a custom location).
  • If you have a generic dictionary file (one that just has a two-letter language code for its file name, such as en.dic) saved in either the default or custom location, the other more specific dictionaries (for example, en_UK.dic and en_US.dic) will not be merged and the existing generic dictionary will simply be used instead.
  • If the additional location contains a file with the same name as one from the default location, the file in the additional location takes precedence over the file from the default location.
How to add more dictionaries and term lists link
Use this link to open a topic in the Oxygen XML Editor User Guide that explains how to add more dictionaries and term lists.
Save learned words in the following location
Specifies the target where the newly learned words are saved. By default, the target is the application preferences folder, but you can also choose a custom location.
Delete learned words
Opens the list of learned words, allowing you to select the items you want to remove, without deleting the dictionaries and term lists.
Note: Words stored in dictionaries, term lists, and the list of learned words are not handled as case-sensitive. Therefore, you do not need to include both uppercase and lowercase versions of the words.