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Editing MathML Notations

Oxygen XML Editor includes a built-in editor for MathML notations. To start the MathML editor, double-click a MathML notation (for embedded notations, you can also select the Edit Equation action from its contextual menu). In the MathML editor, you can edit the mathematical symbols of a MathML notation. To open a MathML file from your current project, select Open with > MathML editor from the contextual menu in the Project view.

Figure 1. Default MathML Editor

The font size and font family that is used for the equations is based upon the context where the MathML equation appears. To configure the minimum font size of the equation, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Edit modes > Author > MathML.

Tip: For editing MathML equations, you can also try free choices, such as Apache OpenOffice Math or LibreOffice Math.