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Working with Special Characters and Encoding

While regular characters make up the English and European alphabets and the corresponding basic set of figures and symbols, there are many other special characters that belong to various other language representations, such as Arabic, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. Oxygen XML Developer provides support for special characters in various ways:

Opening and Saving Documents
The Unicode standard provides support for all the character symbols in all known languages andOxygen XML Developer provides support for all Unicode characters. There are various encoding options and features to help determine how to handle documents with unsupported characters.

Oxygen XML Developer provides the ability to choose the fonts to be used in the various editing modes. In some cases, changing the font may be a solution when special characters are not rendered as expected.

For special characters that are not included in any of the default fonts, Oxygen XML Developer tries to find that symbol in a fallback font.
Tip: For documents written in languages that use special characters (such as Japanese or Chinese), change the font to one that supports the specific characters (a Unicode font). For the Windows platform, Arial Unicode MS or MS Gothic is recommended. To change the font in Oxygen XML Developer, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Appearance > Fonts. You can select a font for each editing mode in this preferences page.
Navigation and Layout
Oxygen XML Developer supports bidirectional text, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and certain Asian languages, or other special characters that are combined into a single glyph. In Text mode, you can enable or disable the support for special characters. See Special Character Support in Text Mode for details about which option to choose.

Oxygen XML Developer includes a contextual menu action that converts a sequence of hexadecimal characters to the corresponding Unicode character.

If you do not have a special way of inserting special characters using your keyboard, you can insert special characters using the Character Map feature.