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Using Breakpoints

The Oxygen XML Developer XSLT/XQuery Debugger allows you to interrupt XSLT/XQuery processing to gather information about variables and processor execution at particular points. To ensure breakpoints are persistent between work sessions, they are saved at project level. You can set a maximum of 100 breakpoints per project.

Inserting Breakpoints

To insert a breakpoint, follow these steps:
  1. Click the line where you want to insert the breakpoint in the XML source document or the XSLT/XQuery document. Breakpoints are automatically created on the ending line of a start tag, even if you click a different line.
  2. Click the vertical stripe on the left side of the editor panel or use Shift+F7.


Once you insert a breakpoint, it is automatically added to the list in the Breakpoints view and you can edit its associated condition. A breakpoint can have an associated break condition that represents an XPath expression evaluated in the current debugger context. For them to be processed, their evaluation result should be a boolean value. A breakpoint with an associated condition only stops the execution of the Debugger if the breakpoint condition is evaluated as true.

Figure 1. Example: Breakpoints

Removing Breakpoints

To remove a breakpoint, click its icon () in the vertical stripe on the left side of the editor panel or right-click the breakpoint and select Renove or Remove all.