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Site-Wide Deployment

If you are deploying Oxygen XML Developer for a group, there are various things you can do to customize Oxygen XML Developer for your users and to make the deployment more efficient.

Creating custom default options
You can create a custom set of default options for Oxygen XML Developer. These will become the default options for each of your users, replacing the normal default settings. Users can still set options to suit themselves in their own copies of Oxygen XML Developer, but if they choose to reset their options to defaults, the custom defaults that you set will be used.
Creating default project files
Oxygen XML Developer project files are used to configure a project. You can create and deploy default project files for your projects so that your users will have a preconfigured project file to begin work with.
Shared project files
Rather than each user having their own project file, you can create and deploy shared project files so that all users share the same project configuration and settings and automatically inherit all project changes.
Using the unattended installer
You can speed up the installation process by using the unattended installer for Windows or Linux installs.
Using floating licenses
If you have a number of people using Oxygen XML Developer on a part-time basis or in different time zones, you can use a floating license so that multiple people can share a license.