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Debugging XSLT that Call Java Extensions

It is possible to debug an XSLT that calls Java extensions. This is achieved through a transformation scenario where the Java extensions are specified, and the debugging can be done based upon the same scenario.

To debug XSLT with Java extensions, follow this procedure:
  1. Create an XSLT transformation scenario for your XSLT document (select Configure Transformation Scenario(s) action from the toolbar, then click New, and select XSLT transformation).
  2. In the New scenario dialog box, click the Extensions button (in the XSLT tab), specify the Java extensions (JAR libraries) that are needed, and click OK.
  3. Once you are finished configuring the transformation scenario, click OK, then select Save and close.
  4. Use the Debug scenario action on the toolbar and the debugging will be based upon the same transformation scenario you just configured and saved.
Tip: You could achieve this during a typical debugging process by specifying the Java extensions using the Edit extensions button on the debugger control toolbar.