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Frequently Used Shortcut Keys

Oxygen XML Developer includes numerous shortcut keys that are assigned to actions to help you edit content. All the shortcuts that are assigned to actions are displayed in the table in the Menu Shortcut Keys preference page.

For information about how to assign or configure shortcut keys, see How to Assign a Shortcut Key or Edit an Existing Shortcut.

Table 1. Frequently Used Shortcut Keys in Oxygen XML Developer
Action Windows/Linux Shortcut Keys Mac/OS X Shortcut Keys Description of Default Assigned Action
Attribute Editor Alt + Enter Alt + Enter Opens the in-place attribute editor
Beginning Ctrl + Home Command + Home Navigates to the beginning of the document
Check Spelling F7 F7 Opens the spell checking dialog box
Check Well-Formedness Ctrl + Shift + W Command + Shift + W Check well-formedness of current document
Configure Transformation Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C Opens the Configure Transformation Scenario dialog box
Content Completion / New Line Enter Enter
  • Author mode - Opens the content completion window
  • Text mode - Moves cursor to the next line
Content Completion (Text Mode) Ctrl + Space Command + Space Opens the content completion window in Text mode
Create Bookmark # Ctrl + Shift + 1-9 Command + Shift + 1-9 Create bookmarks numbered 1 through 9
Create Next Bookmark F9 F9 Create bookmark numbered whatever is next in sequence
Delete Next Word Ctrl + Delete Command + Delete Deletes the next word or whitespace
Delete Previous Word Ctrl + Backspace Command + Backspace Deletes the previous word or whitespace
Delete Tags Alt + Shift + X Command + Alt + X Deletes the start and end tag of the current element
Duplicate Lines Up (Text Mode) Ctrl + Shift + UpArrow Alt + Shift + UpArrow Duplicates the selected lines (or current line) and inserts it above the current selection/line
Duplicate Lines Down (Text Mode) Ctrl + Shift + DownArrow Alt + Shift + DownArrow Duplicates the selected lines (or current line) and inserts it below the current selection or line
End Ctrl + End Command + End Navigates to the end of the document
Exit Ctrl + Q Command + Q Exit the application
Find Ctrl + F Command + F Opens Find/Replace dialog box
Find Next F3 Command + G Finds next occurrence of the last searched term
Find Previous Shift + F3 Command + Shift + G Finds previous occurrence of the last searched term
Go To Bookmark Ctrl + 1-9 Command + 1-9 Go to specific bookmark
Go To Definition Shift + Ctrl + Enter Shift + Command + Enter Go to the definition of the selected item in the associated schema.
Help F1 F1 Opens help documentation
Insert Para / Format Indent Ctrl + Shift + P Command + Shift + P
  • Author mode - Inserts a paragraph at the cursor position
  • Text mode - Formats and indents current document
Move Tab Left Ctrl + Alt + Comma Ctrl + Alt + Comma Moves the current file tab one position to the left
Move Tab Right Ctrl + Alt + Period Ctrl + Alt + Period Moves the current file tab one position to the right
Move Node Down (Author) Alt + DownArrow Alt + DownArrow Moves the selected XML node down in Author mode
Move Node Down (Text) Ctrl + Alt + DownArrow Command + Alt + DownArrow Moves the selected XML node down in Text mode
Move Node Up (Author) Alt + UpArrow Alt + UpArrow Moves the selected XML node up in Author mode
Move Node Up (Text) Ctrl + Alt + UpArrow Command + Alt + UpArrow Moves the selected XML node up in Text mode
New File Ctrl + N Command + N Opens wizard for creating new documents
Next Word Ctrl + RightArrow Command + RightArrow Navigates to next word
Open/Find Resource Ctrl + Shift + R Command + Shift + R Opens the Open/Find Resource dialog box
Previous Word Ctrl + LeftArrow Command + LeftArrow Navigates to previous word
Print Preview Ctrl + P Command + P Opens the print preview (page setup) dialog box
Quick Assist Alt + 1 Command + Alt + 1 Opens Quick Assist menu if actions are available in the current context (usually indicated with a bulb icon in the left stripe)
Quick Find Alt + Shift + F Alt + Shift + F Opens the Quick Find mechanism at the bottom of the editor
Redo Ctrl + Y (Windows) - Ctrl + Shift + Z (Linux) Command + Shift + Z Redo last editing action
Refresh F5 F5 Refresh
Remove Bookmarks Ctrl + F7 Command + F7 Removes all bookmarks
Reopen Last Closed Editor Ctrl + Alt + T Command + Alt + T Reopens the editor tab that was closed most recently
Reset Zoom Ctrl + NumPad0 Command + NumPad0 Resets zoom (default font size)
Save Ctrl + S Command + S Saves current document
Save All Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S Saves all open files
Scroll Down Ctrl + DownArrow Command + DownArrow Scrolls the editor down
Scroll Up Ctrl + UpArrow Command + Up Arrow Scrolls the editor up
Select Content of Element Alt + [Mouse Triple Click] Alt + [Mouse Triple Click] Selects the content of an element in Author mode.
Shift Left Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
  • Author mode - Moves the cursor to the previous XML node
  • Text mode - Shifts content to the left
Shift Right Tab Tab
  • Author mode - Moves cursor to the next XML node
  • Text mode - Shifts content to the right
Split Element Alt + Shift + D Ctrl + Alt + D Splits the element the cursor position
Surround With Ctrl + E Command + E Surrounds selected content with specified tag
Switch Tabs Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tab Command + Tab / Command + Shift + Tab Switches between open tabs
Transform Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Shift + T Opens a dialog box for selecting a transformation scenario
Underline / Open URL Ctrl + U Command + U
  • Underlines selected content (in the main editor)
  • Opens the URL (when focus is outside the main editor)
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z Undo last editing action
Validate Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V Validates current document
Zoom In Ctrl + NumPad+ Command + NumPad+ Zooms in (increase font size)
Zoom Out Ctrl + NumPad- Command + NumPad- Zooms out (decrease font size)
Troubleshooting: If you encounter problems with keyboard shortcuts not working as expected, see Keyboard Shortcuts Result in Unexpected Behavior or Keyboard Shortcuts Do Not Work At All.