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XHTML Document Type (Framework)

The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML), is a markup language that has the same depth of expression as HTML, but also conforms to XML syntax.

File Definition

A file is considered to be an XHTML document when the root element is <html>.

Default Document Templates

There are a variety of default XHTML templates available when creating new documents from templates and they can be found in: Framework Templates > XHTML.

The default templates for XHTML documents are located in the [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml/templates/ folder.

Default Schema for Validation and Content Completion

Default schemas that are used if one is not detected in the XHTML file are stored in the following locations:
  • XHTML 1.0 - [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml/dtd/ or [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml/nvdl/.
  • XHTML 1.1 - [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml11/dtd/ or [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml11/schema/.
  • XHTML 5 - [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml/xhtml5 (epub3)/.

Default XML Catalogs

The default XML Catalogs for the XHTML document type are as follows:
  • [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml/dtd/xhtmlcatalog.xml
  • [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/relaxng/catalog.xml
  • [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/nvdl/catalog.xml
  • [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml11/dtd/xhtmlcatalog.xml
  • [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/xhtml11/schema/xhtmlcatalog.xml
  • [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/xhtml5 (epub3)/catalog-compat.xml

Transformation Scenarios

Oxygen XML Developer includes built-in transformation scenarios that allow you to transform XHTML documents to several types of DITA document types (topic, task, concept, reference). They can be found in the XHTML section in the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) dialog box.