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Resources to Help You Get Started Using Oxygen XML Author

Configuring Oxygen XML Author

There are numerous ways that you can configure Oxygen XML Author to accommodate your specific needs.

See the Configuring Oxygen section for details on the various ways that you can configure the application and its features.

Video Tutorials

The Oxygen XML Author website includes numerous video demonstrations and webinars that present many of the features that are available in Oxygen XML Author and show you how to complete specific tasks or how to use the various features.

Go to the Oxygen XML Author Videos Page to see the list of video tutorials and webinars.

Oxygen XML Author Documentation

The Oxygen XML Author documentation includes a plethora of sections and topics to provide you with a variety of information, ranging from basic authoring tasks to advanced developer techniques. You can, of course, search through the documentation using standard search mechanisms, but you can also place the cursor in any particular position in the interface and use the F1 key to open a dialog box that presents a section in the documentation that is appropriate for the context of the current cursor position. Aside from the other topics in this Getting Started section, the following are links to other sections of the documentation that might be helpful for your specific needs:

Sample Documents

Your installation of Oxygen XML Author includes a large variety of sample documents and projects that you can use as templates to get started and to experiment with the various features and technologies. They are located in the samples folder that is located in the installation directory of Oxygen XML Author. You will find files and folders for various types of documents, including the following:
  • Sample project file (sample.xpr) - A sample project file that will allow you to experiment with how projects can be structured and used. When you open this project file, you will be able to see all the sample files and folders in the Project view.
  • Sample files (personal.xml, etc.) - A collection of interrelated sample files that will allow you to experiment with the structure and relationship between XML files, stylesheets, and schemas.
  • Various document type folders - The various folders contain sample files for numerous document types, such as CSS, DITA, DocBook, ePub, TEI, XHTML, and many others.

Other Resources

The following list includes links to various other resources that will help you get started using the features of Oxygen XML Author: