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Compile Framework Script

A custom framework (document type) can be created using a special XML descriptor file, either from scratch or by extending an existing built-in framework (such as DITA or DocBook) and then making modifications to it.

The Compile Framework Script (compileFrameworkScript.sh) helps you to compile the script into the *.framework file that represents the framework configuration. Although Oxygen XML Author is now able to automatically compile and load scripts, you might want to compile it yourself to obtain the resulting *.framework file if your framework runs on a different version of Oxygen XML Author.

Arguments for the Compile Framework Script

 sh scripts/compileFrameworkScript.sh -i "script1.exf" "script2.exf" "frameworksDir"
-i inputFiles
A list of space-separated Framework Extension Script Files (*.exf) or directories in file syntax form. If a directory is specified, the Framework Extension Script Files are searched for inside it and in its child directories.