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Batch Converter

Attention: To run this script, you are required to purchase a special scripting commercial license.
The Batch Converter script (batchConverter.sh) helps you to convert between the following formats:
  • HTML to DITA
  • HTML to DocBook4 / DocBook5
  • Markdown to XHTML
  • Markdown to DITA
  • Markdown to DocBook4 / DocBook5
  • Word to XHTML
  • Word to DITA
  • Word to DocBook4 / DocBook5
  • Excel to DITA
  • JSON to XML
  • JSON to YAML
  • XML to JSON
  • YAML to JSON
This script requires the Oxygen Batch Documents Converter add-on to be installed in the all platforms distribution of Oxygen XML Author. To install the add-on, follow these instructions:
  1. Go on the Oxygen Batch Documents Converter plugin Releases page and download the latest oxygen-batch-converter-{version}-plugin.jar package.
  2. Unzip it inside {oxygenInstallDir}/plugins.
    Note: Do not create any intermediate folders. Afterwards, the file system should look like this: {oxygenInstallDir}/plugins/oxygen-batch-converter-{version}/plugin.xml

Arguments for the Batch Converter Script

sh scripts/batchConverter.sh -i inputFiles -if inputFormat -o outputDirectory -of outputFormat [-ss (true|false)] [-csd (true|false)]
-i inputFiles
A list of space-separated input files or directories in file syntax form.
-if inputFormat
The format of the input files. The possible values are: html, markdown, word, excel, json, yaml, or xml.
-o outputDirectory
The output directory in file syntax form.
-of outputFormat
The format of the output files. The possible values are: xhtml, dita, docbook4, docbook5, json, yaml, or xml.
-ss (true|false) [only for Word to DITA, HTML to DITA, and Markdown to DITA conversions]
Splits sections marked by titles or headings to separate files and create a DITA map. The possible values are true or false (default).
-csd (true|false) [only for Markdown to DITA conversions]
Creates short description elements from the first paragraph before the headings. Possible values are true or false (default).