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OpenAPI (Swagger) Document Type (Framework)

The OpenAPI specification is a community-driven open specification that defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for HTTP APIs, which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of a service without requiring access to source code, additional documentation, or inspection of network traffic. Use cases for machine-readable API definition documents include interactive documentation, code generation for documentation, automation of test cases, and more. OpenAPI documents describe an APIs services and are represented in either YAML or JSON formats.

In Oxygen XML Author, you can, of course, edit OpenAPI documents in Text mode, but Oxygen XML Author also includes a built-in framework that renders OpenAPI (Swagger) documents in the Author visual editing mode. The framework is an extension of the JSON framework. When opening a detected OpenAPI document in Author mode, you will have access to some form controls, collapsible sections, and other features to help you visualize and edit these documents.
Tip: There is an OpenAPI sample document named petsore.json located in [OXYGEN-INSTALL-DIR]/samples/json/openapi that you can use to see how these documents are rendered in Oxygen XML Author.

For more details about the OpenAPI Specification, along with example documents, go to https://github.com/OAI/OpenAPI-Specification.