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Editing Markdown Documents

Markdown was created as a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed to provide syntax that is very easy to read and write, and to convert it to HTML and other formats. It is often used by content contributors who want a quick and easy way to write content without having to take their fingers off the keyboard and without having to learn numerous codes or shortcuts, and it can easily be shared interchangeably between virtually any types of contributor and system.

Oxygen XML Author provides a built-in Markdown editor that allows you to convert Markdown syntax to HTML or DITA and it includes a preview panel to help you visualize the final output. Aside from the plain text syntax that is common among most Markdown applications, the editor in Oxygen XML Author also integrates many other powerful features that content authors are accustomed to using for other types of documents. Some of these additional unique features include:
  • Additional toolbar and contextual menu actions.
  • Automatic validation to help keep the syntax valid.
  • Dedicated syntax highlighting to make Markdown documents even easier to read and write.
  • Unique features for creating Markdown documents directly in DITA maps and converting Markdown documents to DITA topics.
  • Specialized syntax rules to combine popular syntax features from several specifications.