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Editing LESS Stylesheets

Oxygen XML Author provides support for stylesheets coded with the LESS dynamic stylesheet language. LESS extends the CSS language by adding features that allow mechanisms such as variables, nesting, mixins, operators, and functions. Oxygen XML Author offers additional LESS-editing features that include:
  • Create new LESS files and templates - You can use the built-in new file wizards to create new LESS documents or templates.
  • Open and Edit LESS files - LESS files can be opened and edited in a source editing mode.
  • Validation - Presents validation errors in LESS files.
  • Content completion - Offers proposals for properties and the values that are available for each property.
  • Compile to CSS - Options are available to compile LESS files to CSS.
  • Syntax highlighting - Oxygen XML Author supports syntax highlighting in LESS files, although there may be some limitations in supporting all the LESS constructs.
  • Shortcut to open resources - While editing LESS files, you can use Ctrl + Single-Click (Command + Single-Click on OS X) to open imported stylesheets or other resources (such as images) in the default system application for the particular type of resource.

For more information about LESS go to: http://lesscss.org/.