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Database Perspective

The Database perspective allows you to manage databases. To switch the focus to this perspective, select the Database button in the top-right corner of Oxygen XML Author or Window > Open perspective > Database from the Window > Open perspective menu.

The Database perspective offers various helpful features, including:
  • Support for browsing multiple connections at the same time.
  • Support for both Relational and Native XML databases.
  • Browsing the structure of databases.
  • Viewing tables from databases.
  • Inspecting or modifying data.
  • Specifying XML Schemas for XML fields.
  • SQL execution.
  • XQuery execution.
  • Data export to XML.

Supported Databases

Oxygen XML Author supports numerous types of databases, including:
  • Oracle Berkeley DB XML Database
  • eXist XML Database
  • IBM DB2 (Enterprise edition only)
  • JDBC-ODBC Bridge
  • MarkLogic (Enterprise edition only)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Enterprise edition only)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle 11g (Enterprise edition only)
  • PostgreSQL 8.3 (Enterprise edition only)
  • SharePoint (CMS)
Note: For the databases marked with "Enterprise edition only", the XML capabilities are only available in the Enterprise edition of Oxygen XML Author. For a detailed feature matrix that compares the Academic, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Oxygen XML Author go to the Oxygen XML Author website.

Supported Capabilities

The supported non-XML capabilities are as follows:
  • Browsing the structure of the database instance.
  • Opening a database table in the Table Explorer view.
  • Handling the values from XML Type columns as String values.
Note: The non-XML capabilities are available in the Enterprise, Academic, and Professional editions of Oxygen XML Author by registering the database driver as a Generic JDBC type driver when defining the data source for accessing the database. For more information, see Database Connection Support.
The supported XML capabilities are as follows:
  • Displaying an XML Schema node in the tree of the database structure (for databases with an XML-specific structure) with actions for opening, editing, and validating the schemas in an Oxygen XML Author editor panel.
  • Handling the values from XML Type columns as XML instance documents that can be opened and edited in an Oxygen XML Author editor panel.
  • Validating an XML instance document added to an XML Type (column of a table, etc.)
Tip: Connections configured on relational data sources can be used to import data to XML or to generate XML schemas.

Layout of the Database Perspective

The layout of this perspective is composed of the following components:
Provides menu driven access to all the features and functions available in the perspective.
Contains all actions needed to configure and control the debugging process. The toolbars can be configured to suit your specific needs.
Editor Pane
The main editing pane where you spend most of your time reading, editing, applying markup, and validating your documents.
Data Source Explorer View
Provides browsing support for the configured connections.
Table Explorer View
Provides table content editing support for inserting new rows, deleting table rows, editing cell values, exporting to an XML file, and more.