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DocBook 4 Document Type (Framework)

DocBook is a very popular set of tags for describing books, articles, and other prose documents, particularly technical documentation. DocBook provides a vast number of semantic element tags, divided into three broad categories: structural, block-level, and inline. DocBook content can then be published in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, WebHelp, and EPUB.

File Definition

A file is considered to be a DocBook 4 document when one of the following conditions are true:

  • The root element name is <book> or <article>.
  • The PUBLIC ID of the document contains the string -//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML.

Default Document Templates

There are a variety of default DocBook 4 templates available when creating new documents from templates and they can be found in: Framework Templates > DocBook 4.

The default templates for DocBook 4 documents are located in the [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/docbook/templates/Docbook 4 folder.

Default Schema for Validation and Content Completion

The default schema that is used if one is not detected in the DocBook 4 file is docbookxi.dtd and it is stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/docbook/4.5/dtd/.

Default CSS

The default CSS files used for rendering DocBook content in Author mode are stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/docbook/css/.

By default, these default CSS files are merged with any that are specified in the document. For more information, see Configuring and Managing Multiple CSS Styles for a Framework.

Default XML Catalog

The default XML Catalog, catalog.xml, is stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/docbook/.

Transformation Scenarios

Oxygen XML Author includes numerous built-in DocBook transformation scenarios that allow you to transform DocBook 4 documents to a variety of outputs, such as WebHelp, PDF, HTML, HTML Chunk, XHTML, XHTML Chunk, and EPUB. All of them are listed in the DocBook 4 section in the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) dialog box.

For more information, see the DocBook Transformation Scenarios section.