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DocBook 5.1 Assembly

The DocBook Assembly document type was introduced with DocBook 5.1 and it is used to define the hierarchy and relationships for a collection of resources. It is especially helpful for topic-oriented authoring scenarios since it assembles a set of resources (such as DocBook 5.1 topics) to form a hierarchical structure for a larger publication.

An Assembly document usually has four major parts:
  • Resources - Identifies a collection of resources (such as topics). An Assembly may identify one or more collections.
  • Structure - Identifies an artifact to be assembled. A document in this case is the particular collection of resources (such as topics) that forms the documentation. Within the <structure> element, an <output> element can be used to identify the type of output to be generated and <module> elements can be used to identify the resources to be included. An Assembly may identify one or more structures.
  • Relationships - Identifies relationships between resources. These relationships may be manifested in any number of structures during assembly. An Assembly may identify any number of relationships.
  • Transformations - Identifies transformations that can be applied during assembly. An Assembly may identify any number of transformations.

For detailed information about the DocBook Assembly document type, see DocBook 5.1: The Definitive Guide - DocBook Assemblies.

File Definition

A file is considered to be an Assembly when the root name is assembly.

Default Document Templates

A default Assembly document template is available when creating new documents from templates and it can be found in: Framework Templates > DocBook 5 > DocBook 5.1.

The default template for DocBook Assembly documents is located in the [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/docbook/templates/Docbook5.1 folder.

Default Schema for Validation and Content Completion

The default schema that is used if one is not detected is docbookxi.rng and it is stored in [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]/frameworks/docbook/5.1/rng/.

Transformation Scenarios

Oxygen XML Author includes a built-in transformation scenario that can be applied on an Assembly file to generate an assembled (merged) DocBook file. The scenario is called DocBook Assembly and is found in the DocBook 5 section in the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) dialog box.