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DITA Open Toolkit Project

The DITA Open Toolkit project file allows you to define all your DITA map input and filter pairs and to produce the desired output formats by applying the publishing engine over this single project file: https://www.dita-ot.org/dev/topics/using-project-files.html.

Oxygen XML Editor has special support for creating, editing, validating, and publishing DITA Open Toolkit project files represented in XML format. It can also use such files to detect connections between DITA resources in the entire project and to apply root map and filter pairs when editing.

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Editing DITA Open Toolkit Project Files

The New Document wizard includes a template to help you create DITA Open Toolkit project files (with an .xml file extension). The template is located in the Framework templates > DITA-OT folder. There is also a sample project file that can be found in the application samples folder: OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR/samples/dita/mobile-phone/mobilePhoneProjectFile.xml.

Content completion is done according to the associated schema and it is enhanced with proposals for ID references, available transformation types, parameter names, and values.

The validation support has enhanced Schematron rules that report invalid references to non-existing contexts.

When working with a DITA-OT project file in the Author visual editing mode, you can see a compact representation of the file by default. You can switch to the Edit style in the Styles toolbar drop-down menu to edit the file using form controls and inline buttons. The additional View as YAML style can be selected to see a visual representation of the same document in YAML.

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Publishing DITA Open Toolkit Project Files

Once a DITA-OT project file is opened in the application, two predefined publishing scenarios become available in the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) dialog box:
  • Publish DITA-OT Project (all deliverables) - Runs the publishing engine and produces output for all deliverables defined in the project file.
  • Publish DITA-OT Project (select deliverable) - Runs the publishing engine and produces output for only one deliverable specified by the end-user.
Some of the allowed transformation parameters that are relevant to the DITA-OT project file include:
  • project.file - Specifies the path to the project file.
  • dita-ot.dir - Specifies the directory where DITA-OT, used in transformation is installed.
  • additional.args - Specifies the additional arguments used in transformation.
  • deliverable.id - Specifies the id of the deliverable. This parameter is only available in the Publish DITA-OT Project (select deliverable) transformation.
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Master Files Support for DITA Open Toolkit Project Files

If you enable master files support at project level, you can choose to detect all top-level DITA Open Toolkit project files and to add them to the Master Files folder. You could also manually add the top-level files for your DITA-OT project in the Master Files folder. The benefit of this is that whenever you rename or move files in the Project view, the references to those resources will automatically be updated.
Tip: The Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies view also works for DITA-OT project files.

Editing Contexts Detected from DITA Open Toolkit Project Files

Once a DITA-OT project file is added to the Master Files folder, the Context drop-down menu on the DITA Maps Manager toolbar will contain context DITA maps defined in the project file and the Profiling/Conditional Text menu will contain filter pairs gathered from the project file. When you select one of them in the drop-down menu, the application gathers the keys from the context DITA map and applies the filters specified in that context.