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Oxygen XML Editor comes bundled with a transformation scenario designed to integrate DITA-OT plugins. These DITA-OT plugins are used for various customizations. It is called Run DITA-OT Integrator and is found in the DITA Map section of the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) dialog box.
Attention: The integration will be performed on the DITA-OT version specified in the DITA Open Toolkit section of the DITA preferences page.

Running the Transformation Scenario

To integrate a DITA-OT plugin, follow these steps:
  1. If Oxygen XML Editor was installed in the default location, you may need to restart and run it as an administrator.
  2. Select the Apply Transformation Scenario(s) or Configure Transformation Scenario(s) action from the DITA Maps Manager toolbar (you could also use the same action on the main toolbar or open the Transformation Scenarios view).
  3. Select the Run DITA-OT Integrator transformation scenario. If the integrator is not visible, select the Show all scenarios action that is available in the Settings drop-down menu.
  4. Apply the scenario.
  5. Check the Results panel at the bottom of the application to make sure the build was successful.
  6. Restart Oxygen XML Editor with your normal permissions.