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In addition to recognizing the default DITA map formats (<map> and <bookmap>), the DITA Maps Manager view can also be used to open and edit specializations of DITA maps.

All advanced editing actions available for the map (such as insertion actions or editing properties) allow you to specify the element in an editable combo box. The elements that initially appear in the combo box are all the elements that are allowed to appear at the insert position for the given specialization.

The topic titles rendered in the DITA Maps Manager view are collected from the target files by matching the @class attribute and not a specific element name.

When editing DITA specializations of maps in the main editor, the insertions of topic reference, topic heading, topic group and conref actions should work without modification. For the table actions, you have to modify each action manually to insert the correct element name at the cursor position. You can go to the DITA Map document type from the Document Type Association preferences page and edit the table actions to insert the element names as specified in your specialization. See Creating/Extending a Custom Framework for more details.