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Oxygen XML Web Author automatically checks for spelling errors when a document is loaded and every time a modification is made in the document. However, if the document is edited before the initial spell check is finished, the operation is canceled and errors will only be reported for modifications from that time forward.
Note: If more than 500 errors are detected in the initial spell check, Oxygen XML Web Author only shows the first 500 errors and then any errors detected as modifications are made.

Words that are detected as spelling errors are underlined with a jagged red line. If you right-click on the word, you are presented with a list of suggestions that you can select from to replace the word and an Ignore option that instructs Oxygen XML Web Author to ignore all occurrences of that particular spelling error in the current editing session.

Disabling Automatic Spell Checker

To disable this feature, go to the Preferences action from the More drop-down menu on the toolbar and deselect the Enable automatic spell checking option.

Language Used by the Spell Checker

If your document has the language specified in certain elements using the @xml:lang or @lang attribute, the automatic spell checker will use that language to detect errors in the content contained in those elements. You can also configure the spell.check.options flag in a custom options file to specify a language to be used by the spell checker when no @xml:lang or @lang attribute is present.